Lectures of 2019

All lectures are free of charge and held in English




Speaker: Ulrika Casselbrant in room T6 (eng)

Let’s look at how carrying effects and facilitates communication between baby and parent.

About Ulrika: author, babywearing educator, elimination communication consultant and doula. narabebis.se




Speaker: Lorette Michannon in room T6 (eng)

We will discuss how carrying and feeding are skills that are mutually beneficial. We will explore current research and existing practices. We will visit guidelines and how to relate them to most baby practices.

About Lorette: Lorette Michallon runs the Slingababy carrying school and has trained over 500 consultants and peer supporters over the last 5 years. She is a mother of two with a deep passion for learning, teaching, education, compassion and self-improvement. Being French gives her access to different platforms which gives her a unique approach. She prides herself in delivering quality training.



Speaker:  Matilda Persson Sjödell in room T6 (eng)

Norms and thoughts about the Swedish baby wearing community w a norm critical perspective.

The babywearing community, who is or feels included and excluded? A norm critical discussion about what the baby wearing community is and could be. What norms are lived and which are ones are challenged? Which new norms are being created within the community? This is not just a talk, but more of a interactive discussion. Come and share and listen to other people sharing.

About Matilda: a teacher and educator working in Burlöv municipality in a team aimed to support teachers in their teaching. Matilda has worked professionally with issues concerning norms, anti oppressive education and how to create participatory and inclusive spaces for more than 15 years. Recently Matilda wrote a chapter in the newly released book Normkritisk pedagogik – perspektiv, utmaningar och möjligheter (Normcritic Pedagogy – perspectives, challenges and possibilities). Matilda is also strength training coach and peer supporter in carrying.


13:30-14:20 IN ARMS CARRYING

Speaker: Mel Cyrille in room T6 (eng)

Join me for an exploration of the human body and see how both caregivers and babies are biologically designed to carry and be carried. We’ll explore some fascinating features and adaptations which make us unique furless clingers and examine how our carrying positions provide different opportunities for babies. This basically unavoidable task can seem trivial at times, but is a fascinating activity with interesting links to infant behaviour and stages of development. Also included is practical information to encourage you to apply it to your own carrying to see and feel for yourself the differences in perceived weight. As in-arms carrying is the foundation upon which babywearing was built, you will find useful information to apply to sling use too!

About Mel: Mel runs the in-arms carrying and babywearing educational institution – Carried – where its main focus is on delivering consultancy courses in both subjects. She’s the author of ”In-arms Carrying” and ”Clinging Young” and has enjoyed using slings and arms throughout her children’s carrying years. Mel is a home educating mum of 4 (15, 8, 6 & 3 years old) with an educational philosophy which radiates through to her adult education courses – learner-driven education for maximum information-retention, with a mixture of approaches for different learning styles. www.carried.org.uk – www.inarmscarrying.com

EXTRA: Pre-order info. You can place an order for either of Mel’s books and pick them up at the conference with 20% off! To take advantage of this offer, simply send (via PayPal) £16 for In-arms Carrying or £20 for Clinging Young to hello@melcyrille.com with a note stating the book you are ordering and confirming your name. There will be a smaller discount of 10% off for book purchases on the day.



Speaker: Babymoon in room T3 (eng)

Babymoon Smart is designed to be a simple, uninvasive, wireless solution. It can be used in hospital setting, or in a home care setting, helping build a the electronic health record of the child worn during KMC interventions, and provide the data to quantify and report on KMC.

About Babymoon: We create beautiful baby products, that monitor child health and development in a seamless manner and make attachment parenting easy.



Speaker: Darren Sadler in room T6 (eng)

Following on from his lecture last year, Darren Sadler further explores the impact of Babywearing on his life and health.

About Darren: A father of three girls, Darren works for Integra Baby – the UK’s multi-award winning baby carrier brand – and is a professional Babywearing consultant.



Speaker: Ellinor Rydham Ledin in room T6 (eng)

The talk “Babywearing and the NICU?” is an attempt to open up the bubble and mysteries surrounding the NICU and/or neonatal, its patients and practices, as well as bringing up some key points learnt in the NICU that could influence babywearing/carrying.

About Ellinor: Ellinor is a specialist nurse within NICU/Neonatal nursing care from Stockholm, Sweden. She is a mother of two and have undergone carrying consultancy training.

FB & IG: @TheNurslingThing