Integra baby was a good sport and played along for some interview questions, hope you´ll like the read! 😀

When was the company founded and by who?

Founded by me Sarah sadler in 2017

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I have been a babywearing professional since 2007. I am passionate about all things babywearing especially design, comfort and safety. We have three beautiful daughters who gifted me with many many years of carrying.

Will you be in Stockholm on the 19 October? If not, who will be here?

Yes and very much looking forward to it

What is your task at your stand?

To present our Integra Baby carrier.

What are you hoping that the visitors will do on your stand?

Please come and see our range of Integra and try one out!

What celebrity would you like to see using your product?

Ooooh great question- he doesn’t have a baby… but projecting into the future…. Kit Harrington!

What is the wierdest thing you have heard people say about your product?

Hmmm… who would want to carry their baby!?!

Tell us about your very first product?

It all started when I couldn’t find what I wanted in a baby carrier. I could find comfort but didn’t like the look, or I found a carrier I liked the look of but it was very bad design. Another major factor for me is that I wanted to deliver true value – I believe babywearing is for all. So I combined all the elements that I myself wanted in a carrier…..

What’s your latest news?

We continue to join forces with other babywearing brands to deliver beautiful collaborations.

What will you bring to the festival?

We have a new autumn Winter collection which we hope will be ready for the event

What is your website?

And the last question:

If I say ”Carry for the future” – you say?

YES. The word Permaculture. If you are unfamiliar with the word- please have a google. Babywearing is an essential part of how we must parent… to ensure that our children actually have a planet and a society!


Thank you Integra baby for playing! That was a lot of fun!

Stay tuned for all our sponsors answering the same questions! 🙂