A huge thank you to all exhibitors, speakers, workshop leaders, volonteers and visitors for an amazing day!

b. The Babywearing conference in Sweden was held at The Brewery´s (Münchenbryggeriets) largest venue, overlooking the beautiful waters of Stockholm. It was the first and biggest babywearing conference of its kind ever held in Sweden.  We had the honour of welcoming lecturers and exhibitors from all over the world.

The conference held lectures, workshops and a large marketplace with many of the leading brands.

Sponsors of 2018



The Venue

Approx. 940 m²
Approx. 300 m² second floor
Excellent View of City hall and surrounding waters
40 m terrace
10 m ceiling height
Several rest rooms
Large loading dock




The organizers

The non profit organization Föreningen Bära Barn is the formal organizor of this conference and consists of us:

Caroline Bleichner

Caroline is a carrying consultant educated at Slingababy. She is a lawyer with experience from both commercial law and non-profit organizations. Over the years she has taken part in arranging talks and conferences mainly concerning equal rights issues and organized Wrap Meet Stockholm 2017.

contact: caroline@bbwcs.se

Erla Lorentzon

Erla is a photographer, artist and babywearing model, soon to be carrying consultant. She is a dedicated babywearing enthusiast with experience of organizing larger wrap meets such as Wrap Meet Stockholm 2017.

contact: erla@bbwcs.se

Yvonne Duran

Yvonne is a carrying consultant educated at Slingababy and is the founder and owner of the Swedish babywrap brand, Sjala. She has many years’ experience as a web designer, graphic artist and is an experienced project leader.

contact: yvonne@bbwcs.se

Malin Engberg

Malin Engberg

Malin is an employment officer with knowledge about human resources, coaching and leadership. Malin is also an enthusiastic babywearer and has experience in organizing conferences.

contact: malin@bbwcs.se





 For exhibitors in 2019

If you wish to attend to this conferece as an exhibitor, please email us at exhibitors@bbwcs.se and we will get back to you as soon as possible!